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Unlock your potential, and embrace the freedom to learn. Homeschooling empowers teens to chart their educational path, discover their passions, and confidently shape their future.

Welcome to The Tribe! 

Welcome to Teenage Tribe Homeschoolers, the ultimate network for homeschooling families with teens and tweens in the South Jersey area. Created by a group of homeschool families, we have come together to fill the need for more teen-centered social and learning activities for homeschoolers without the burden of expensive co-op fees.

As an informal networking group, we take pleasure in posting various locations where families with homeschooled teens are gathering each week so our teens can socialize and build lasting friendships. View our schedule of meetups and choose to join us at our next meetup!

We are not a business or a formal organization, but rather a gathering of homeschooling families with a common goal—to offer socialization and learning opportunities for teens without the usual co-op price tag. Together we have created a consistent network where the same teens meet every week, fostering bonds that can last a lifetime.

In addition to our fun meetup events, we also provide exciting FREE co-op classes that our families have planned. Our co-op classes feature hands-on activities and immersive experiences, as we aim to provide teen-centered learning that align with the interests and needs of homeschooling teens.

Join the Teenage Tribe Homeschoolers network today and become part of an active and welcoming community. Together, let's fill the void of teen-centered activities, provide teen focuses educational classes, create lifelong connections, and provide socialization opportunities for homeschooled teens in the South Jersey area.

Join our Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group and become part of a thriving network of homeschool families with teens and tweens! Connect, network, meetup, share resources, and support each other on your homeschooling journey!

Network with us if...

  • You homeschool teens and tweens ages 10+ in the South Jersey area.

  • You want social opportunities with the same teens every week without a co-op price tag!

  • You need teen-centered activities and learning opportunities for your homeschoolers.

  • Your homeschool budget needs a break and you want to enjoy FREE co-op classes for teens!

  • You want to find a network of homeschooling families with teenagers and pre-teens.

  • Your teen is looking to form lifelong friendships with other teens!

  • You're curious how other families are navigating homeschooling the high school years.

  • You're ready to find your tribe!

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