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Welcome To The Tribe

Teenage Tribe Homeschoolers is a network specifically designed for homeschool families with teens and tweens ages 10+ in the South Jersey area. As two homeschooling moms with teens, we realized the need for teen-centered homeschool activities in our area. We created an informal networking group to bring local teens together on a consistent basis to form lifelong friendships! We believe that homeschooling shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. Unlike many local co-ops we don’t have memberships, registration, or even event fees! We're just an informal group of homeschooling families that choose to meetup every week and have a blast together. Simply check out our monthly schedule of meetups, choose to join us at the specified location, and participate in the activity of the week with your teens and tweens! We also offer three FREE co-op sessions throughout the year that are just for homeschoolers who are ten years of age or older!

Let's get to know each other...

Meet Brittany, a dedicated homeschooling mom of three teens and tweens, and the visionary founder of Teenage Tribe Homeschoolers. Recognizing the lack of homeschooled teen and tween-centered activities in South Jersey, Brittany embarked on a mission to fill this void. She firmly believes that homeschool socialization should not be restricted by financial barriers, unlike many co-ops and organizations that require hefty fees. Inspired to create a network where teen homeschoolers can regularly meet up with the same peers, Brittany aims to foster lifelong friendships and provide a supportive community for personal and social growth. With Brittany's dedication and vision, teen homeschoolers in South Jersey now have a supportive community to call their own. 


Meet Nicole, a passionate homeschooling mom of four teens and tweens. As the co-founder of Teenage Tribe Homeschoolers, she recognized a crucial gap in the South Jersey area—a lack of homeschool activities specifically tailored for teenagers and pre-teens. Nicole firmly believes that homeschool socialization should be accessible to all, without the financial barriers often associated with co-ops. Determined to create an active network, she established a platform where homeschooling teens can regularly meet up with their peers, fostering lasting friendships that extend beyond the confines of academics. Meet up with the Teenage Tribe Homeschoolers at our next event and be part of this active homeschooling experience.


Socialization Opportunities Organized for You...

Explore Our Homeschool Meetups and Co-Op Learning Opportunities for Teen Homeschoolers in South Jersey

Meetups for Homeschool Teens and Tweens

Discover a thriving homeschool network connecting you with meetup locations tailored for homeschooled teens and tweens in the South Jersey area. Experience engaging activities, connect with peers, and foster meaningful relationships within our network of homeschool families.

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Homeschool Co-Op Learning Opportunities

Elevate your homeschooling experience with a selection of learning activities catered to homeschooled teens and tweens in the New Jersey Area. From hands-on to interactive activities, we invite you to join our network of homeschool families as we educate our own teens during our three yearly co-op sessions.

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Join our Facebook group and become part of a thriving network of homeschool families with teens and tweens! Connect, network, meetup, share resources, and support each other on your homeschooling journey!

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